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Cornerspotter: A View From The Turn of the 20th Century (Or Maybe Earlier)

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We're not sure when this photo was taken but it's up to you to figure out where it was taken

Cornerspotter is the Curbed Seattle feature in which we show you a historical photo taken somewhere in the city and you identify the location. Impress fellow Curbed readers with your knowledge by leaving guesses in the comments or send them to our tipline: We'll post the answer on Friday. And hey: no cheating!

No one is exactly sure when this photo was taken. Sometime between 1891 and 1906 according to records. You can probably figure out where in Seattle we are, generally-speaking, even if the sight from this spot today is extremely different. You can thank one of Seattle's many regrades for that. The first Washington Hotel stares down from atop the hill in the center of the image and boy does that staircase coming down look rickety.

So, we're asking you to guess approximately where this photo was taken from in current terms. We're looking for not only the street that exists here now but give us some cross-street boundaries as well.