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Lenin Statue Gets Good Look at New Renderings For Cubix Fremont

The 100-year-old building on the corner of 36th & Evanston will be making way for a new SEDU complex soon

The building currently located on the edge of 36th Street and Evanston Avenue in Fremont was originally built in 1916 and it's a minor miracle it's made it to it's 100th birthday as the neighborhood has changed so drastically. Alas, it will probably not make it to Year 101 because plans for Cubix Fremont have moved into the recommendation phase and will go before the design review board tonight for possible approval.

The plan is to replace the building with a six-story structure that includes 47 SEDUs (a.k.a. micro-apartments), 2,579 sqaure feet of retail space and 64 bike stalls.That's slightly more units and retail space than was originally pitched back in April 2015.

Based on plans, units will range from roughly 233 square-feet up to 566 square-feet for the sixth-floor corner unit.

The complex features a two-story podium massing that wraps around the majority of the building. It's sure to stand out thanks to it's height and triangular approach to the space. The bonus is that just about every angle provides good views thanks to a lack of tall buildings as immediate neighbors and the proximinity of the Lenin Statue, Fremont Rocket, Aurora Bridge, and more. The retail space also has prime location as a restaurant or bar if they go that route.
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