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The Five Cheapest Properties in Greenwood Right Now

A quick check of Greenwood finds five condos available for under $350K

Inventory may be tight around Seattle but there's enough to choose from in Greenwood. We were able to find five condos for under $350K, in fact. So take a look and see if the affordable option you've been waiting for is included.

About halfway between Carkeek Park and North Seattle Community College is this 1 bedroom, 1 bath condo with 677 square feet for $240,000. Amazing, a property in Seattle for under a quarter of a million dollars. Yes, it does happen, and for some it happens in a convenient place. It's a first floor unit, which means the back balcony is only a foot or two off the ground, but that means you effectively get a small, brick, backyard. Every little bit of space helps, especially if they'll let you use it for a container garden.

Here's an uncommon claim from a listing; "if you don't love it I'll sell it for FREE!" That's what they're saying for a 1989 condo that just completed the major phase of a remodel. Whether you love, like, or simply approve of it, the condo is a 1 bedroom, 1 bath with 594 square feet for $244,950, not quite free, but cheaper than most of Seattle's real estate. They've already begun the balcony garden for you by planting mint for mojitos (or your morning tea.)

Top floor on an apartment along 85th, that puts you in the heart of an active part of the city. The condo is, yet again, a 1 bedroom, 1 bath with 550 square feet - a formula that will probably define this era is Seattle's growth. For $249,950 you get a 2007 unit in a building that includes a private park, which looks great for pets (check to see if they're allowed), and the standard kitchen upgrades of granite counters and stainless steel appliances. If nothing else, enjoy the view from the top floor.

If you can't be on the top floor, get the end unit, which is what this condo is. It also has 2 bedroom and 2 baths, double what the others have, and 780 square feet. That's enough room for an office, a roommate, or maybe a family. The 1992 unit is listed at $299,950 and includes an increasingly uncommon wood burning fireplace. A private patio sits off the master bedroom, and another is situated for BBQs, in case you'd rather cook that hit Greenwood's cuisine.

Looking very modern, or at least bright thanks to lots of windows, the largest and most expensive condo on our list is priced at $349,000, which gets you a 2006 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit with 835 square feet. Putting the living room in a corner with windows on two sides breaks the common condo feel of three walls with a window at the far end. There's less room to hang art, but that much more sunshine can be greatly appreciated in the winter.
· 939 N 101st St [Zillow]
· 9200 Greenwood Ave N [Zillow]
· 424 N 85th St [Zillow]
· 727 N 85th St [Zillow]
· 9057 Greenwood Ave N [Zillow]