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Mammoth Timber Mansion in Suncadia Lists for $3M

With 8 fireplaces and 7,784 square feet, on an acre beside a golf course, it's easy to get overwhelmed with everything here

Start with the eight fireplaces. That begins to provide a scale for the house. Call it a lodge, because a log mansion sounds odd. The structure is a 7,784 square foot building constructed in 2008 to hold four bedrooms (including 2 masters) and six bathrooms. It sits on an acre in Suncadia, the resort outside Cle Elum, which is why that many logs can have that good a view of a golf course - and a price of $2,999,950 (plus dues of $358 per month.)

This property is so over the top that even the listing description seems to have given up. They describe the price, the size, and the schools - and let the pictures do the talking.

If there's any drywall, they hid it behind wood paneling. The three main materials are wood, glass, and stone as if the structure and floors were built from local materials. Entire trunks, including the natural flare at the base, are used as pillars throughout. Cross beams are more regular, but they've left the organic curves around knots, giving each piece character. A wide, spiral staircase is built from thick treads butted into yet another tree. The stone fireplaces match in weight and height.

Luxuries are easy to list: a billiards room, a wine cellar, a separate bar, a theater (which is only mostly rustic), and a second kitchen. All are done with artistry in wood and rock crafts that could distract you with the work involved in imagining, designing, and building such a space.

If you want more space, the rest of the acre includes an outdoor kitchen under a massive wood awning; a pool surrounded by rocks, stones, boulders, and waterfalls; and a broad, flagstone patio that includes a fire pit. The rest of the property is treed, which allows some privacy. It also sits beside one green and one tee, convenience for any golfers.

With all that going for it, did they really have to set the price at $50 less than a round three million? Probably not; because, the people who buy a house like this probably appreciate the value and uniqueness of the place.
· 250 Fortune Creek, Cle Elum [Estately]