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Fred Bassetti Midcentury Modern in Haller Lake Asks $560K

How much more mid-century can you get than being built in 1950?

How much more mid-century can you get than being built in 1950 (Okay, maybe 1951 for very particular people)? A house from noted modern architect Fred Bassetti has hit the market for the first time since it was built. Evidently, it worked well enough for someone to live in for 66 years. Who's next?

As you drive up to the house it is easy to understand why it was modern for its time. The low-pitched roof that extends out to a carport was a departure from a steep roof and a small garage - and a prelude to the three-car garages that followed. Inside, long beams follow the peak and the sides of the ceiling with great expanses of paneling between them.

It could sound like a museum piece, but part of the $560,000 price is the upgrades and remodeling. The stone countertops are far from the stereotypical Formica of the time. The bath's fixtures and shower are much more current. The cabinetry could be from either era. The long and expansive windows were probably part of the original design, which has aged reasonably well. Walls that seem to be made of large cinder blocks are probably original, and easy to paint over than replace. All stand as a frame to hold 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths in 1,960 square feet.

Outside, the 15,280 square foot lot is both flat and steep, according to the listing, which places the tiered garden at the break in the land. Gardening was someone's priority because they plumbed a sink and added a shed to make tending the property easier.

One uncommon, yet practical, feature are dutch doors that let the air flow while keeping the kids and pets indoors. If you tour the place, check out the living room wall that is either one massive window or somehow opens up to let nature in.
· 13637 4th Ave NE [Windermere]
· Fred Bassetti [Wiki]