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Big Reveal: $650K For This Renovated Green Lake Foursquare

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You thought it would be asking for more, didn't you?

Yesterday we asked you to guess the asking price for 5-BR, 1.5-bath Foursquare in Green Lake. We saw guesses as low as $600,000 and as high as $970,000. Understandable given the current housing market and the unpredictability of asking prices vs. what sellers can really get for good homes these days.

It looks like most of you assumed too high because the winner is commenter Mickiealane, who guessed low at $600K. Actual asking price: $650,000.

Originally built in 1920, this Foursquare was very much of it's time. However as Green Lake and Seattle grew up around it, the home grew up as well. Renovations inside maintain that original charm but also invite modern living. Splashes of color give each room it's own personality. The sun porch/nook is one of those spaces you just don't see anymore. Out back, there's a cute patio and garden space to go with your shed and detached garage.

So now that you know what they're asking, do you think that sounds right? Or, as so many of you guessed, it this one destined for higher prices?
· 1119 N 84th Street [Windermere]
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