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$4.7M Gets You This Waterfront 1930's Tudor With Palm Trees

A Tudor with palm trees sounds like a confused house; but, put it on Lake Washington's shores with the right landscaping and you can relive an era

Calling it a Tudor makes this house sound quaint and old-fashioned. The palm trees make it look tropical. The fact that is a 5,666 square foot house on 0.58 acres of Lake Washington waterfront is probably what sets the price at $4,700,000 - that and the luxuries.

It was built in 1930 on a piece of land that provided panoramic views of the lake, which now includes a view of the I-90 bridge. Waterfront is attractive because of the view, waterfront with deep water moorage means purchasing a bit of pragmatism and convenience when you finally have a place to moor your yacht.

Inside is where you'll probably spend the most time. Parts of the 5 bedroom, 4 bath house retain the character of the 1930 build, particularly the fireplaces and formal spaces. They don't go out of style. The appliances and fixtures age and in some cases become obsolete; so, the kitchen and baths have been updated along the way. There was a major renovation in 2001, which probably accomplished most of the work.

As nice as the interior is, it is the exterior details, the setting, and the landscaping that give the property a palatial feel. The broad brick and stone patio that leads down a series of wide steps to the lake helps a lot at turning the house into a show piece. Bring in the caterers, string up some lights, pop the champagne, and relive a bit of The Great Gatsby - or at least the romanticized version of that culture.

· 1732 Lakeside Ave S [Zillow]