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Arne Bystrom's Whidbey Island Cliff House Available For $2.95M

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This Freeland residence received the AIA award for design of the year in 1980

According to Travel & Leisure, Whidbey Island's Cliff House is one of the 50 "Most Romantic Places on Earth." If you've got $3M, you could buy it and then constantly guests, "Hi, welcome to my home, one of the fifty most romantic places on Earth." That won't ever get old.

Originally-built in 1979, the 3-BR, 3.25-bath Freeland home was designed by Arne Bystrom FAIA, known most for theway he could create details out of wood and for his post-and-beam structural frameworks. Given a 13-acre lot to work with and owner Peggy Moore's desire to see a house that "belonged" on the site, Bystrom set out to create a modernized barn aesthetic that did not disturb the land or sacrifice any of the surrounding trees. Given it's location along Mutiny Bay, views of the Peninsula were also made paramount.

The residence received the AIA award for design of the year in 1980 and that becomes pretty clear once you look around. Whether you're relaxing in the loft-style bedroom, entertaining in the sunken living room, or eating in the huge kitchen, you're never too far from a gorgeous view of the exterior world as well as of the interior design.

There's also a cozy cottage located on the property that also became a rental over the years but can now be converted into a guest house. But one of the real highlights of the land has to be the wooden staircase that takes you down the bluff to the waterfront where you get to admire the view, which includes the view of the home when you start walking back.
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