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Renovated Woodinville Estate Comes With Very Own Western Movie Set

Renovated kitchens and baths are nice, but having a unique landscape may be more valuable. Adding a western movie set will start lots of conversations.


renovation-week Renovate the land when you renovate the house. A $1,298,800 1933 log cabin that is an historic Landmark in Woodinville has been renovated to include modern conveniences like a media room; but the land has also been renovated, too. Instead of just dropping in some more plants, they dropped in a town.

Little Bear Creek runs through the five-acre property. On one side is the 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 3,697 square foot log home. On the other side is a Western movie set (because...?). Connecting the sides is a bridge that also acts as a balcony patio above the water. Maybe you can drop a line in for some comfortable fishing.

Log cabins look timeless, as long as they've been maintained. This one is polished enough for the logs to throw a glare back at the camera. Painting the brick hearth and chimney was a simple solution, though not the only one. The kitchen is always an obvious target for upgrades. The jetted tub in the bath wasn't original. But the media room may be the most significant interior upgrade with an overhead projector and recessed projection screen(s?). A photographer has operated a studio on the property, so the quality may be higher than usual.

The improvements to the land define the property. It has been landscaped and zoned for use as an event venue, which also means it is visually appealing. Emphasizing, rather the hiding, the natural stream provides a quietly dynamic centerpiece that is wrapped and crossed by walks and the bridge. The movie set is a conversation starter, a place to play, and an excuse for guests to share lots of photos with an interesting backdrop.

Renovated kitchens and baths are nice, but having a unique landscape may be more valuable. The market will say whether it's easier to sell.

· 21802 State Route 9 SE, Woodinville [Windermere]