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Bainbridge Beach Cottage Offers Ferry Views & Luxury Living

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Outside, the views of Seattle are spectacular. Inside, things get fancy in a hurry

If you're someone who likes to know when the ferries are running, you can pretty much rely on two ways to go about. Check the schedule online, or, buy the one-bedroom cottage at 5402 Rockaway Beach Road NE on Bainbridge Island and just watch it pass by every day.

Of course, that first one is free and the second one will run you $1.275M, so it's all a matter of what makes more sense for you.

The 1915 cottage was built back when the sea traffic was a bit different. It's beachfront spot just south of Eagle Harbor gives it prime viewing of the Seattle - Bainbridge Ferry, not to mention the Seattle Skyline behind it. Outside, the home looks like is a quintessential luxury beachfront home with lush landscaping all around including a checkerboard design patio out back (or is that the front?).

Inside, things get fancy real quick. The main area, with a chandelier overhead and columns throughout, feels like you should be wearing something a little bit nicer than a bathing suit while walking through. A stone fireplace alcove is a different take on the living room while the barn-style ceilings make plenty of room for light and whatever artwork you're going to put up on those walls.

The bedroom is less a bedroom than a giant open loft space where your bed happens to go. From up there, it feels a bit like you're living in the fanciest barn you've ever seen. Down below, there's well-manicured guest quarters tucked away.
· 5402 Rockaway Beach Rd NE, Bainbridge Island [Windermere]