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Is This the Cutest Camano Island Beach Cottage Ever?

Small can be sweet, but it is how you decorate it that matters. And, style doesn't have to cost much

Small can be sweet, but it is how you decorate it that matters. This tiny beach cabin on Camano is 540 square feet and is priced at $265,000, and has the same level of design details seen in houses that are twice as expensive. Style doesn't have to cost much.

Inside, the soft blue, green, beige, and grey are calming, well-painted, and set the atmosphere for quiet beach life. Wainscoting in the bath, the brick fireplace in the living room, and hardwood floors fit, too. (But don't track sand into the house or those floors will have a different finish, fast.) With appliances and furnishings to match, the house with 2 bedrooms and a three-quarter bath maintains one character without resorting to exotic materials, avant garde art, or anything more than paint and a few trips to the Bog Box store.

Beach cabins and mountain chalets share at least one thing, such an emphasis on location that location is part of the name. Location matters. The property may have a 3,541 square foot lot; but the more important description is of the beach. The cabin sits on the eastern shore of Livingston Bay, which means sunsets across the water. The bay sits at the head of Port Susan, a bit of water remote and shallow enough to be discouraging to boats but encouraging to wildlife who feed on the tide flats. Other places get great access to clubs and restaurants; this cabin gets great access to birds and whales.

One thing the property doesn't have is quick access to Seattle, which for some will make it more appealing. If you want to get away, here's a way. Oh yeah, and check to see if the Surf Shack gets much surf up at the end of the Port and inside the Bay.

· 552 Sundin Dr, Camano Island [Estately]