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$8.5M Yarrow Point Modern Built to be Luxury Playground

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If you really love sports and games, why not build a house around the concept?

Houses styled to be modern can have architecture so unadorned and simple that they are defined more by their furnishings. This $8,500,000 modern marvel in Yarrow Point did an impressive job of filling each room with a distinct character. If you moved in, would you do it differently?

Just to set the tone, the garage is pictured with a Ferrari and room for more. That probably doesn't stay with the house, but it isn't a garage built for Yugos.

Some things are predictable, like the wine room. The media room isn't a surprise, though it is surrounded by historic sports jerseys enshrined on the walls, and enough room in the center to reenact scrimmages for your own instant replays. The other media room buys into the idea that on game days one screen is not enough, so they have five (and there will still be people pulling out extra screens with their smartphones and tablets.) A weights and drill gym suggests the owner did more than watch the games. Putting a ping-pong table in what looks like a airport lounge may be a hint for SeaTac. With all of that emphasis on sports, it is a surprise that there is only one hoop for the basketball court. No full court games, sorry.

The normal functions of a house are covered. There are 4 bedrooms, 5.25 baths, and 10,190 square feet. The far above average square footage may explain why the master suite is large enough to hold a party, the side kitchen can serve its own cafe or BBQ joint, and the office accommodates extra monitors and room for more than two people in the office.

As attractive as the house is, decorators can enjoy the furniture that amplified the Modern feel with, ironically, a wide array of natural products like leather and alligator skins. The custom furniture is included, so this truly is one of those cases where what you see is what you get. Check about the cars, though.
· 3833 94th Ave NE, Yarrow Point [Windermere]