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The Real World, Which is Still a Thing, Returning to Seattle

Seattle is getting a second serving of the MTV reality show

For a generation or two of Americans, The Real World was their first true reality television obsession. The show about seven people picked to live in a house and have their lives taped to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real made an infamous stop in Seattle back in 1998 when the cast lived in a converted warehouse space on Pier 70 on the Seattle Waterfront. That season is remembered most for The Slap Heard Round Seattle.

It might surprise you to know The Real World is still going on. It might also surprise you to know that The Real World is returning to Seattle.

Vevmo was the first site to break the news and they've even uncovered where the new cast will live: The Ballou Wright building at 1517 12th Avenue in Capitol Hill.

CHS reports that, according to paperwork filed last week by R.W. Productions, the producers plan $50,000 in alterations to create the Real World residence for 18 months. The tech-friendly building is currently home to creative agency Creature as well as juice cafe Juicebox.

Gird yourself, Capitol Hill.
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