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Remodeled Midcentury Blends Modern, Zen & Nature for $619K

Remodeled kitchens and baths are common. How about a media room that includes a professional sound board?


renovation-week Renovations and remodels happen to mid-century marvels, too. How else did this minimalist and square building end up with such an amazing sound board - of all things?

Everything modern eventually becomes dated. That's the way time works. This modern 3 bedroom, 2 bath was built in 1958. The square lines, big windows, and flat roof were probably radical at the time. It has aged well, but codes change, appliances improve, and the uncommon becomes more familiar. Now, the 2,230 square foot house still looks modern, has a modern price of $619,000, and is proving its timelessness.

Timeless is nice, but reality means at least a new kitchen. They did more than replace the appliances. Of all the houses that should include shiny stainless steel, this is one. The main feature, however, is a long counter and workspace with a long line of minimalist yet functional cabinetry. The only breaks in the surface are the sink and faucet, which are difficult to hide. On the other side is space for five, six if they get cozy.

Media rooms didn't exist in 1958, unless they were called private theaters. Here, the media room goes beyond a nice projector and screen to include a full-sized sound board. Whether it is functional or not is secondary. It definitely contributes to the techie feel of the room.

Nature is messy, the antithesis of modern; yet, they added an outdoor living and dining space that finds the zen overlap between the two. Beyond the manufactured are 0.39 acres of tall trees and native foliage.

Pulled together the property manages to mix new, old, and very old impressively.

· 12947 72nd Ave NE, Kirkland [Zillow]