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Facebook's Seattle Office May Expand Before Even Opening

The developer behind the Seattle building Facebook is leasing is already adding an expansion in the form of another connected building

Facebook already had big plans for a 274,000 square-foot office in the Dexter Station building at 1101 Dexter Avenue. Frank Gehry is designing and the rooftop will be big enough for a walking trail, amongst other things.

Facebook plans to open their new office next week for approximately 2,000 employees. That already puts them close to capacity for their allotted space, so it's interesting to hear that the developer of that building has also decided to build an expansion for more office space.

Real estate company Capstone Partners, developer of the building that will soon become Facebook’s new Seattle engineering center, has filed plans for another building with up to 165,000 square feet of office space immediately adjacent to the newly constructed building.

The 10-story structure going up next door isn't reliant on Facebook leasing the space but the two structures will be connected, making it a logical move for the tech giant. The 1115 Dexter Avenue structure will also include 3,000 square feet of retail space and 151 parking spaces.

Facebook should do it, if for no other reason than to expand that walking trail...
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