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Keith Kolb's Modern Laurelhurst Home Available For First Time

One of Seattle's most notable architects designed this 1960 home for his family

If you're into Pacific Northwest architecture, Keith Kolb is a name you're probably already familiar with. The University of Washington architecture professor has helped steer the careers of students such as Jim Olson, Rick Sundberg, and George Suyama. He's also done plenty of notable work of his own, so much so that he was named to the American Institute of Architects College of Fellows in 1981.

Kolb built the 5-BR, 2-bath residence at 3379 47th Avenue NE in 1960 for his family to live and it's remained in the family until now as it's on the open market for the first time, asking $1.395M.

We could describe this midcentury modern gem but we'd rather just let Kolb himself explain it from a 2006 interview with the Seattle Times.

You can see I designed this house to function as a big umbrella: We can go out on the sheltered terrace and enjoy the rain in mild weather...These windows on the main floor are 16 feet high. I built this way for the light, and because of the trees across the street. I loved the trees, although some might think they cut into the view. We look straight east toward Lake Washington.

If we'd add anything, it's just to notice the simplicity of the whole design and how startling it all is. As if Kolb did so much by doing so little. It's very much a representation of it's time, which is exactly what Kolb's work was about.

We live today; we ought to be who we are today, not try to pretend we are Tudor-Gothic or Renaissance-classical or Georgian-some-damn-thing.

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