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$975K Renovated Issaquah House Literally Built on a Rock

A geologist built a dream house, so naturally it's built on a rock and has geothermal heat; and then the renovations began.


renovation-week A geologist built a dream house, so naturally it is built upon a ten foot tall rock; because, why not? The design didn't start there, and that's only part of the story.

If you're going to emphasize geology, it makes sense to continue the theme. You may never see it, but a geothermal heating system is used to heat the radiant floors. Tile and brick work are earthy, but it is the inlaid stone spiral in one of the master baths that is most memorable. Don't get dizzy in there.

Geologists are practical so many of the luxuries are high-end practicalities. The kitchen appliances are Viking, Dacor, and Miele with simple and useful additions like a faucet over the stove for filling pots. Function isn't the only feature, because they all exist within rich stone and tile work and are lit by light tracks that weren't around for the 1960 build.

The basics of the house sound conventional: 3 bedrooms, 5 baths, and 3,497 square feet; with a twist. They're asking $974,950 for more than 3 bedrooms possibly because, there are three master suites, which suggests no bedroom is left un-suite-ed. The extra square footage and some of the amenities were meant to handle a mid-wifery. Got business plans? There's room.

The house sits within 1.92 acres of very old forest and is well enough equipped to go off grid if you feel like it, or need to after the next wind storm. As for earthquakes, well, there's this ten foot rock under the house. You might have to ask a geologist what kind of difference that will make.

· 10016 Renton Issaquah Rd SE, Issaquah [Zillow]