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Whidbey's SeaWatch Estate Drops $6M From Price Tag

Phenomenal views, built to live within its environment, this 25 acre Whidbey estate didn't sell at $10M. Will it be snapped up at $4M?

Back in April 2015, just about 14 months ago, we wrote about SeaWatch, a $10M waterfront estate on Whidbey Island with a marvelous location and views . Now, it is back on the market at $3,990,000. Something must have changed to drop the price 60 percent. Let's scroll through the numbers.

Then, it was listed as 25 acres, now ~3 acres. That could explain it, but the listing does mention two parcels, including 22 acres of tidelands getting the total back up to 25.

Then it was 2 bedrooms and 3.75 baths; yes, a $10M property with only 2 bedrooms - but very nice ones. That hasn't changed. The 4,349 square footage hasn't changed, either.

The property has an impressive 365 feet of high-bank waterfront, a separate building that can act as an artist's studio or a 20 person mini-conference center, and the estate has managed to accommodate 200 on occasion.

Maybe it was simply a matter of pricing. When it was at $10M, it sat on the market for over seven months. Maybe even event spaces built to work with the environment on a unique site have difficulty commanding seven digits. This will be one to watch. How quickly will it sell after the price was dropped 60%?
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