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Mack Pearl Custom Home on Bainbridge Lists For $1.5M

A custom home on Bainbridge uses the simple and effective tool of employing plenty of windows to frame the view of Seattle - and uses plenty of wallpaper for much of the rest

While touring a Mack Pearl custom house can be an exercise in architecture, if you're dropping by this 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath house on Bainbridge you can be forgiven if you are at least temporarily distracted by the gardens. It is that time of year when landscapes can rule.

The property is 0.75 acres of gardens, trellises, decking, and paths that are bordered by 100 feet of high-bank shoreline with views of the ships and bits of Seattle's skyline. Now is the time for blossoms, but the foliage looks to include plants that have a variety of colored leaves throughout the year. Sitting on the deck and enjoying the view (weather permitting) can be worth a lot.

They're asking $1,495,000 for the 4,356 square foot house that was built in 1997. Some rooms are more modern, like the kitchen with its long, clean counter and lines that are bowed as if the entire room was one big bay window. The rest of the rooms are more conventional, tending towards a simple country manor style, which is where the tall french doors enter the picture.

With such a grand view, there are varieties of windows depending on the rooms. Some open onto the deck. Others are floor to ceiling with arched tops. Skylights draw in more light. And, other rooms simply have conventional windows, but they turn some walls into glass instead of drywall. For the rooms that don't have windows they've decorated with a variety of wallpapers to make each room distinctive while emphasizing the country nature of the location.

Keep your car handy, though. The Walk Score is 11.
· 13134 Sunrise Dr NE, Bainbridge Island [Windermere]