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Get Classic Lake Union Floating Home Life For $700K

Forget Sleepless in Seattle, well, at least in terms of the typical Seattle houseboat

Forget Sleepless in Seattle, well, at least in terms of the typical Seattle houseboat. The classic floating houses on Lake Union that began the trend are small, pragmatic, and cozy - like this 800 square foot, 2 bedroom, 0.75 bath houseboat that was built in 1930. One advantage: you get the benefits of living on the water within a walk of downtown without paying millions. For this one, the listing price is $699,950 (plus $420 per month), not cheap, but much more affordable than others.

Enough with the generalities; here are the specifics.

With only one story, the house has a nice, low profile, which helps reduce the inevitable rocking that comes from wind and wakes. The deck provides a good space for a small container garden, plus a bit of external storage. Inside, the basic character remains in the wood paneling and wainscoting. The decorating is much newer and emphasizes some creative wall treatments, particularly in the bathroom.

The main appeal will probably remain outside because that's where the lake and the views are. The large covered deck below and the rooftop deck above provide a nice increase in living space, plus a choice of being in the shade by the cool water, or up on the roof with the sunshine and the views.

As a bonus, moorage for at least a small boat is available, just right for sailing into a lake regatta or motoring over to Alki. (Nah, that only happens in the movies).

· 2031 Fairview Ave E [Windermere]