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Be Extreme in a Superlative $13.8M Meydenbauer Mansion

With a price of $13.8M superlatives become a necessity. Imagine dealing with that every day. Check your lottery tickets.

Unleash the superlatives! What else would you expect for a $13,800,000 property? With that many zeroes, there must be a lot to talk about.

Size matters. The 2001 obviously custom architectural accomplishment covers 14,140 square feet inside. That's enough to hold several Seattle city lots and their houses. With 0.32 acres inside, there better be more land outside; and there is at 2.5 acres. That much land in Meydenbauer is enough to warrant much of that price. It is covered in an enormous gated driveway, extensive landscaping, an L-shpaed pool, and a full-size tennis court (with two basketball hoops for players of different heights.)

Walk inside and meet a curving staircase that's waiting for a gown-wearing celebrity to regally descend. Cue the soundtrack. Past the entry are formal living and dining spaces that are big enough for impressive power parties - which may be how someone can afford such a house. When in doubt, and with that much space, go big with the rooms. Even the kitchen is big enough to put the counter seating into the island rather than on an edge. At least that makes it easier for guests to serve themselves from the fridge.

Any tour or gathering probably heads to the true luxuries, those extra rooms that only the biggest houses can accommodate. The office is essentially a library with room for several places to sit and ponder. For more modern media, there's a modern media room with tiers of seats and your choice of leather or fabric furniture. If you're a bit more active, the billiards room is space dedicated to one pastime. Guests probably won't play in the gym, but there's room for that, too. And then, there's the wine cellar. Stone and heavy wood border the medieval wine storage that includes a sitting area, cabinetry, a very modern glass wall, and room for hundreds (maybe more than a thousand?) bottles of wine. That's a lot of glass, corks, and crushed grapes.

At it's core, it is a house. Within that nearly a third of an acre are 5 bedrooms and 6 baths, which probably all incorporate sufficient marble to continue the feeling of luxury into the private parts of the day. Guests may appreciate a map if they feel disoriented after a nap.

· 719 96th Ave SE, Bellevue [Windermere]