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This colorful Central District bungalow lists for $450K

It is easier to have fun with paint when each room is tiny, like they did with this 1900 bungalow

It's bold and orange on the outside, and doesn't stop there. This tiny house in the Central Area has distinctive paint schemes in every room. At only 700 square feet, they didn't have to do it to keep you from getting lost. They were simply being creative and expressive, a fun thing to do with tiny houses.

The house probably wasn't that colorful when it was built in 1900. Everything back then was black & white or sepia tone. Right? The 2006 renovation of the bungalow probably did more to set the tone; but the basics probably haven't changed much. Now, it is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath house on a 1,800 square foot lot with a price of $449,950. So, the biggest change is the price.

A front porch, back deck, and flat yard mean plenty of space to play outside, at least for tiny games. No full-court games of basketball are happening here. Fences and hedges border the property, which they've extended with raised beds and planter boxes along the sides and sidewalk.

Inside, the hints of the age are the flooring, wainscoting, and window frames. As usual for a renovation, the kitchen and bath display the most modern upgrades, though in this case they do so without abandoning the character of the house. For the best example of creative painting, look in the bedroom with what appears to be a subtle abstract.

There is a garage outside, which they suggest has ample storage. Being used as storage may be why there is a picnic table blocking the driveway; but, with a Walk Score of 87 and inevitable mass transit, maybe there's no need to have a car that needs a garage.

· 2008 E Marion St [Estately]