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Sound Transit Link light rail boardings are up 79 percent

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Thanks to the addition of the UW and Capitol Hill stations, people are flocking to light rail

It was back in June 2014 when Sound Transit’s Link light rail service crossed the one million boardings mark for the first time. For the next couple years growth was steady but not eye-catching. It even had a tendancy to drop below the one-million mark from time to time.

Then, the University of Washington Station and Capitol Hill Station opened in March and the ridership floodgates seemingly opened with them. In their April 2016 Service Performance Report, Sound Transit notes that total boardings on Link light rail have risen in the past year from 923,815 in April 2015 to 1,657,616 in April 2016.

That’s 79.4 percent growth.

Sound Transit also notes that YTD boardings are at 4,729,747, which is up 41.2 percent from this time last year.

Broken down by time period, weekday boardings are up 78.3 percent, Sunday boardings are 64.1 percent and Saturday boardings are up a whopping 107.9 percent.

As The Stranger notes, “by just adding three more miles of track, Seattle entered a new era of transportation.”