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$899K gets you Big Rock Ranch & it's big rock

Big Rock Ranch has a name it can live up to. It might be perfect for a horse riding geologist

Big Rock Ranch is on the market. If nothing else, it has a name it can live up to. It is a ranch sited on 10 acres on Maury Island with fencing, stables, and a barn. Frequently, properties have names picked by whim. Big Rock is named after a big rock, probably an erratic, a leftover from an Ice Age glacier that's big enough to show up on satellite photos.

Geologists may spend a day with one rock. Horse folk could spend all day touring the fields, pastures, fences, and sheds. Everyone else will probably be more interested in the house, which is also worth a tour.

They call the style a cross between a Northwest Craftsman and a Mountain Lodge. It's a timber frame building, so it has some of the feel of a log cabin, but with a bit more refinement. The living space is 2,767 square feet, so it has space as well as volume. The metal roof, big timbers, and clean lines definitely fit the rural character.

Inside there are 3 bedrooms and 2 baths; but it is easier to be distracted by the vaulted ceiling, hewn beams, and a really tall stovepipe. A balcony cuts through the expanse of space over the living room and kitchen. A handy place for an office for anyone who wants to keep track of what's happening in the rest of the house.

Outside, there's a 76 x 30 metal building that acts as a garage and tool storage. With 10 acres to take care of, it is handy to have a place to store the equipment you'll need to mend fences, clear brush, and generally keep the forest from reclaiming the land.

As for the Big Rock, it gets to stay. Consider it an anchor for the $899,000 property.

· 27110 94th Ave SW, Vashon [Estately]