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Puget Sound compound awaits in Bremerton for $4.4 million

Expect lots of visitors when you own 65 acres of waterfront; which is why this estate has four houses to pick from.

If you want a place that's big enough for crowds but don't want to manage a massive house, try this instead; buy one property that has four houses. Use them all to hold 28 people, and then, close up three after they've gone. That's what you get to do with this $4,395,000 waterfront estate in Silverdale.

It will be easy to draw a crowd of friends when they can visit and spread out across 1,500 feet of waterfront backed by 65 parked and forested acres of your estate. The oldest house was built in 1915, which means someone was willing to be a long way from Seattle 100 years ago. Of course, by now, there's a lot more to do on the peninsula; so, maybe you won't have to make that long commute.

With 4 houses in one listing, you may have to take a tour to find the distribution of the 9 bedrooms and 6 baths. The combined square footage is 6,591; which is more manageable when divided by 4 and only one is a primary residence. They don't list them in the listing, but it's apparent that one is old, red, and back from the water. Another is a boat house that's on the beach (naturally) that is renovated with a new kitchen, a natural place to cook the catch. The garage door that leads from the sitting area to the deck is particularly beachy.

If the natural setting isn't enticing enough, there's a full-sized, fenced tennis court with an awesome view of the water - and possibly a sad view if one of your lobs really go awry on a shore breeze and lands in the water.

You get an option for the long trip to Seattle. The property comes with a deep water dock that is far newer than some pile of pilings. The decks and rails look very current. Motor or sail yourself to your favorite port without worrying about ferry lines and traffic; though you will have to concern yourself with weather and maintenance, but that's something some yachties enjoy.

· 2700 Enetai Rd, Bremerton [Windermere]