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Urban Green Villa hopes to stand out soon in Belltown

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This French-style 132-unit condo building could get approval very soon

Back in October we heard about Urban Green Villa, a condo building going up at 2401 3rd Avenue in Belltown featuring French-style living. Tonight, Taiwan-based developer Chainqui Development and GWest Architecture bring updated plans before the design review board for what they hope will be recommendation to move forward.

The proposal remains for a 12-story building but they’ve now upped the condo units from 116 to 132 while dropping the number of underground parking stalls from 112 to 73. The ground-floor retail space remains the same at 5,000 square feet.

A brick facade topped by staggered bay windows will be the building’s most standout feature. A pedestrian-friendly green wall that will grow over the course of two years would great entrants on the main floor while terrace and pocket gardens will line upper levels. A glass canopy protects pedestrians as they walk along the sidewalks.