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Go 'Home on the Range' in this North Bend NW Modern

This 3-BR private retreat can be yours for $1,260,000

Prentiss Architects were tasked with creating a home out in North Bend in 2005. The owners wanted a place that "encompassed the traditional elements of a home in the mountains" but also included "the excitement of a more creative space." Adding to the contrasts, they also requested something "small enough for easy upkeep, but large enough to accommodate long visits from family members."

This 3-BR NW Modern residence was what they came up with and now everything that went into creating this private retreat can be yours for $1,260,000.

Finding a way to balance modernity with a fluidity in the surrounding nature is no small task but they somehow found a way to make it happen. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows link the main house to the outdoors and provide beautiful views to boot. The over-sized sliding doors and a full-height stone fireplace also provide senses of place in and around nature. Outside, the hot tub is for you and the koi pond is the way to keep that natural balance intact.

A true escape from Seattle out into nature, be warned that others may want to follow you here. But then again that's what the detached guest suite is for.
· 16218 419th Ct SE, North Bend [Windermere]
· North Bend [pbwa]