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Wildwood Cottages building tiny home community on Lake Whatcom

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Communities of tiny houses are being developed, like this one that's redefining a 1940's campground

Finally, tiny houses are finding homes, neighborhoods that welcome them. A 1940s campground on Lake Whatcom is sprouting tiny homes as a new development, Wildwood Cottages. There are others to choose from, but here's the Salish, one example of simple living (or vacationing) by the lake.

At 399 square feet, this tiny is larger than tiny houses on wheels (THOW) and smaller than most cottages and bungalows. There's room for 1 bedroom and a shower bath, plus a loft for - well - whatever you can fit up there. Check the headroom before you make too many plans. It might be just right for an office or studio, or best reserved for the kids.

The style is modern Craftsman on the outside and modern condo on the inside. There's no need to pretend being a cabin. Because of its slightly larger size, it can fit full size appliances. You may want to work with compact furniture if you want to give yourself some room. Especially in the living room, the tall windows capped by more windows pull in whatever light is available.

For a bit of extra space, there's a 2,200 square foot lot. The patio and benches mean room for grilling, playing, and generally enjoying the outside (weather permitting.)

They're asking $312,500 (plus $127 per month). The monthly payment is a hint that this is more like a condo than a stand-alone home. Being part of the neighborhood has the added cost, but it also has the added benefits of shared facilities like the pool and dock space. It is a new style of an old idea, a vacation campground of cottages and cabins; and yet, with about a half hour commute to Bellingham, it could be a full-time residence. (Check the local convenants.)

If you don't like this one, there are others. If you do like this one, decide what you want to do with the disconnected downspout.
· 990 Lake Whatcom Blvd Unit 10, Sedro Woolley [Estately]
· Wildwood Cottages [EPR]