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Central District getting eleven more Pan-African crosswalks

The painted crosswalks will spread across the entire neighborhood instead of just one intersection

Last year was the golden age of multicolored crosswalks in Seattle. Rainbow crosswalks sprouting up in Capitol Hill, followed by Pan-African color crosswalks in Central District. Seattle put the call out for more themed crosswalks but didn't get too many bites and the trend seemed to stop there.

However, even if there aren’t any new themed sidewalks popping up elsewhere, Seattle is still taking care of the ones we’ve already got. The Seattle Department of Transportation announced this week that eleven crosswalks will be painted in the colors of the Pan-African flag to promote Central District’s African-American history.

Nine of the eleven total crosswalks will be in place by the end of July while the other two will be installed as part of the 23rd Ave Corridor Project.

Joining the crosswalk at the intersection of MLK and Cherry will be painted sections at 20th and E Yesler Street, 20th and S Jackson Street, MLK and E Alder Street, 14th and E Yesler Street, and 24th and E Cherry Street, 23rd and E Jefferson Street, and 23rd and S Jackson Street.