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$5.2M Magnolia home comes with oldest residential pool in Seattle

That's a good icebreaker when you have guests over to this $5.2M house

We haven't been able to fact-check this claim so we're just going to have to take the real estate listing's word for it. That said, the 4-BR home at 4334 W Cramer Street includes "the oldest residential pool in Seattle" and is now on the open market for $5.188 million.

The 5,800 square-foot home was built in 1919 so we'll assume the pool made it's appearance at roughly the same time. It's certainly beautiful and the grounds surrounding it add to the ambiance. Being right on the edge of Discovery Park doesn't hurt either when it comes to natural surroundings.

That's not all that's going on outside. There's also a gorgeous treehouse/guesthouse on the property that looks like it might be bigger than some studio apartments asking $1,500/month around town.

As for the sprawling home itself, it uses reclaimed lumber & native materials to tell a Northwest contemporary story inside. The massive master suite includes a spa-like bathroom and the residence is peppered with big windows, open spaces and warm wood features.

This is a luxury retreat that really knows how to take advantage of its arboreal surroundings.
· 4334 W Cramer Street [Estately]