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Tiny $499K cottage a rare find in Fremont

A 520 square-foot cottage in the heart of North Fremont?

Housing in Fremont, like Seattle in general, is changing. Apartments keep rising, new developments take over old lots, and the cost of living is going up, up, up. It’s an eclectic neighborhood, not just in terms of it's reputation but also when it comes to types of places to live. There’s big houses, modern houses, old houses, and townhouses. What there aren’t many of, at least not anymore, are tiny houses.

Consider the 520 square-foot cottage at 311 N 42nd Street one of those dying breeds. But you’ve got a chance to keep it alive. All you need is $499K.

Featuring a courtyard and fully-fenced yard, this place makes the most of it’s 1,700 square-foot lot. The brick pavers out front give you a blank slate from which to build your patio. There’s just enough grass to make you feel like you’ve got a lawn but not enough that mowing it will take more than five minutes.

Inside, there’s a lot of new. New windows, new flooring, new kitchen with new stainless steel appliances, new baths. Even a new roof up top.

Then there’s the location. In the heart of North Fremont, you’re a quick walk from Paseo, a jaunt from Fremont Peak Park, and a leisurely stroll from "downtown" Fremont.

Tiny? Sure. Full of big possibilities? Absolutely.

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