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Cornerspotter: Downtown Seattle and the Big Snow of 1916

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Any idea what snow-covered Seattle street this is?

Cornerspotter is the Curbed Seattle feature in which we show you a historical photo taken somewhere in the city and you identify the location. Impress fellow Curbed readers with your knowledge by leaving guesses in the comments or send them to our tipline: We'll post the answer on Friday. And hey: no cheating!

In 1916, Seattle was hit with what came to be known as The Big Snow of 1916. Over one 24 hour period alone, it blanketed Seattle in 21.5 inches. The storm itself lasted for four days that January and remains the second-biggest blizzard in the city’s recorded history.

This shot must’ve been taken soon after, or at least during a reprieve. The tall building on the left still stands but the one in front of it is much, much taller these days. See if you can get yourself oriented based on what we’re looking at in the distance and then give it your best guess as to what intersection we’re looking at.