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Instead of renting, just buy the whole Harrison Modern building for $2.5 million

You could stay in the Mad Men Suite or you could own the Mad Men Suite

The Harrison Modern in Capitol Hill is, according to it's site, "a stunning example of mid-century modern architecture blending form and function into a wonderful 4 unit apartment building." Sitting on a corner lot in the heart of Capitol Hill, it comes complete with 10 parking spaces & private outdoor areas for each unit. The current owners have been using it as a short-term rental (an issue you might be hearing a thing or two about right now) but their long-term plan is to sell the place and they've listed it for $2.49 million.

The setup right now includes the Garden Suite (2-BR), Modernist Suite (1-BR), Mad Men Suite (1-BR), and the South Pacific Suite (1-BR). If you buy the place you can mix up those themes however you like. Maybe you'd rather turn one of them into a Breaking Bad Suite, though for legal purposes we're going to suggest that you not.

The units themselves all seem to be in pretty impeccable shape and each offer a nice private space. If they remained as rentals, they'd probably fetch a whole bunch on the open market. Just keep an eye on the impending short-term rental legislation making the rounds. Those could have a big impact on what you're able to do.
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