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Shhh...don't talk about South Lake Union apartment building Juxt’s speakeasy

The first rule of a speakeasy is that you don’t talk about the speakeasy, especially not to reporters

The term speakeasy originated during Prohibition "because of the practice of speaking quietly about such a place in public, or when inside it, so as not to alert the police or neighbors.” Well, DJC, you've already gone and screwed the pooch on that one by writing about the speakeasy hidden away atop Juxt, the new South Lake Union apartment complex.

The 361-unit, eight-story complex opened in May and is close to being 80 percent leased according to Holland Partner Group. Located at 810 Dexter Avenue N, the building features units ranging from 427 sqaure-foot studios to 1,412 square feet three-bedrooms, ranging in price from $1,810 to $4,800 per month.

In terms of amenities, they can boast about a central courtyard with a bocce ball court, rooftop terrace with lounge seating and an outdoor cinema. They can even tell anyone about their “gaming loft” that includes arcade games, shuffleboard and a beer kegerator.

What they can’t talk about, or at least aren’t supposed to talk about, is the secret speakeasy tucked away behind a wall up on the eighth floor.

Push past that paneled wall and you'll find yourself in a classic, Prohibition-style speakeasy, with upholstered banquette seating and a copper-topped bar where Juxt residents can hold cocktail parties and other private events.

Exiting the speakeasy requires pulling an iron handle or opening a door marked “janitor's closet,” which actually leads into a hallway.

Geez, guys. The way everyone’s talking about it, it’s more like a speakloudasyoulike.

Get it? You know, cause...oh, you get it.