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Cornerspotted: 1st & Marion during the Big Snow of 1916

It’s been a long time since 1st & Marion were covered in snow like that

Yesterday we asked you to guess the intersection we were at in a photo from Downtown Seattle during the Big Snow of 1916.

Commenter dangal pretty much nailed it.

It looks like First and Marion facing West towards the Colman Dock. The walkway on the left must be the present day Marion Street Ferry Walkway. Great shot.

That is the Colman Building on the left, still standing, and yes indeed the Colman Dock is straight ahead although the view is a little less clear today than it was back then.

As for that Big Snow, it really was something Seattle has rarely seen. It lasted for four days and remains the second-biggest blizzard in the city’s recorded history, dropping almost two feed of snow over one 24-hour period and 38 inches over the course of two days.