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Whimsical North Beacon Hill artists duplex asks $499K

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A property made by artists for new artists

Bruce & Shannon Andersen have made a name for themselves in Seattle thanks to public art installations and creative projects. You might know them as the originators of the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall. You might know some of their artwork. But if you really want to get inside their heads, maybe you just need to live where they've lived. The creative duo have put their North Beacon Hill duplex up for sale for $499K and it comes complete with artistic touches inside and out.

Tile. You're going to want to like tile if you want to live here. Once you enter the property through corrugated metal gates you're greeted by a tile display that runs the perimeter of the garden. Inside one of the residences, the multi-colored tile fireplace will absolutely catch your eye. Inside the kitchen, more a straight-forward tile backsplash and counter ties things together. A beautiful tiled artwork is your floor in one of the bedrooms. Of course there's colorful tile in the bathroom. The second two-bedroom unit has all of the requisite tilework as well, not to mention more beautiful floor art and great usage of vintage doors and signage.

Whimsical and creative, it looks like a great space for some new artists to move in and make it their own.
· 1514 17th Ave S [Estately]
· Andersen Studios [AS]