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West Bellevue urban oasis lists for $7.9 million

The Diamond S Ranch in Bellevue sounds like something for horses and cattle. Nope. It's for pools, both swimming and billiards

It's summer and time to jump into the pool. Got the $7,988,000 needed to buy this one? It comes with a 7,594 square foot house on 1.59 acres in Bellevue.

With a name like Diamond S Ranch, the property sounds like it should be past the suburbs and probably past the Pass. No. In the heart of Bellevue is a luxurious estate with more square footage indoors than folks have outdoors. It is a 4 bedroom, 6 bath mansion that was built in 1993 as an iron-gated enclave.

Inside, from the entry through the formal spaces and all the way through to the wine cellar, they maintained a level of elegance that leaves no doubt about wealth. The floors are Terrazzo. The chandeliers make their way into the master bath. The showers are tiled and marbled. The bedrooms may be some of the least ornate rooms, though large.

Luxury houses are known for their special rooms: the soon-to-be well-stocked wine cellar, the billiard room with enough space to maneuver a pool cue, the wet bar with a tile floor and a paneled ceiling, and the requisite library/office with rich wood shelving. Wondering around to find them all may be the biggest issue. Got a map?

Outside, the pool is the center of attention. It would be easy enough to spend a day in it and around it. It's long enough for laps, has sweet sitting areas beside it, comes with a massive rock fireplace, and is capped with a semi-circular section that is either a wading pool or a hot tub. Most of the remaining acreage is lawn, though there are at least two dedicated garden plots. Maybe you can grow some of the grapes that will go into the wine and the bottles that end up in the cellar. That makes it a bit more of a farm. To make it a real ranch, get yourself some cattle (assuming the city and the neighbors don't mind.)

· 4 Diamond S Ranch, Bellevue [Windermere]