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Your chickens come first in this $350K Beacon Hill cottage

With a coop and a garden, this tiny cottage may be more sustainable than most houses

Finally, a home for your chickens! A tiny (610 square foot) cottage has room for you (1 bedroom and 1 bath), a tall chicken coop (some folks can stand up in there), and a place to put the chicken manure (that's what raised bed gardens are for, right?). It is a 1944 cottage with an asking price of $349,999. Seventy years ago, Victory Gardens were producing a lot of food, and this house can still provide at least some eggs.

The house probably hasn't changed much since then. It certainly hasn't had any major additions, possibly because the lot is also a relatively tiny 3,567 square feet.

Inside, the kitchen, bath, and bedroom walls have been brightened with paint, particularly the green in the bath; but the living room retains the wood paneling typical of an earlier era. The wood and laminate flooring fits those pragmatic times. The lighting and appliances are necessarily new, and do a lot for making the house more modern.

The outside is the key. In addition to the chicken coop, the fenced, raised bed garden means a good chance of a good crop. Grow your own and lower your living expenses. The property also benefits from being bracketed by greenbelts. That much greenery effectively provides the privacy of larger spaces without having to buy them. Having nature for a neighbor also means possibly fewer comments about having fowl on the land. Roosters have been known to crow.

Whether you garden or not, the neighborhood has an 88 for a Walk Score, so whatever else you need is probably close. Like, maybe a feed store? Check to see if the sellers are taking the chickens. That would be an interesting clause in a closing agreement.