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Vandals have defaced Seattle’s Bettie Page House

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Unhappy with what say is exploitation of a woman’s body, “some feminists” defaced the Bettie Page House

Back in 2006, Chris Brugos and Jessica Baxter had an image of pinup icon Bettie Page painted onto the side of their Ravenna house. She’s in her iconic pose, though rain gutters cover her breasts, where she smiles at the thousands of drivers who pass her by on the I-5 every day. Over the years there have been complaints, some coming from official government offices and some coming in the form of angry neighbors, but for the most part it’s blended into the scenary as just another image in the quirky, makeshift sightlines of Seattle.

That is until recently when someone splashed gray paint all over the image and then scribbled a message on the home, reading "Stop exploiting women's bodies.” It was signed only as by “some feminists.”

While they have been unable to remove the graffiti, the homeowners have added a message in response, reading, "Autonomous sexuality is empowerment, telling a woman to cover up is oppression."

Baxter has a message for the detractors as well. "Don't deface people's houses, that's super lame. If you don't agree, that's fine, take it to the internet like a normal person.”