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$838K Bainbridge waterfront cottage gets to the point

If you're going to live on an island, you might as well enjoy a view of the water and become a bit of history in this case

The views are better from up there, at least that's one of the benefits of owning this 1910 cottage on Bainbridge. It sits on 386 feet of high bank waterfront that looks northeast across Puget Sound. It is a view that is available for $838,000 and a willingness to take the ferry to get to Seattle.

In over a century, the house has only had two owners. Do you want to add to that history? The most recent sale was in 2000, which suggests someone built then owned it for ninety years. When you come up with a good idea, stick with it. Picking that house site was a good idea, even back when getting around the Sound wasn't easy.

The design is simple. Line up the long house for a panoramic series of windows and views. Don't be surprised if the windows aren't original. Big plates of glass were uncommon for a long time. There was a remodel in 1969, which seems about right for the windows, the baseboard heat, and the kitchen design. As usual in old houses, the arches between rooms, and the fireplaces tend to remain - though the fireplace insert is probably newer. As a cottage it is appropriate that it has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath in 1,150 square feet. It isn't a place for big families or lots of visitors. As a place for sitting and relaxing by watching the world swim by, well, then it has a lot going for it.

Step outside and realize that it isn't squeezed in between other properties. The listing includes 1.7 acres, much of which is a garden sculpted for decades. That much more to enjoy in the spring. That much less mowing to do in the summer. Fortunately, there's a trail leading down to the beach, something that some high bank properties can't accommodate. Check for tideland rights to see how much, if any, of the acreage is underwater.

· 7724 NE North St, Bainbridge Island [Zillow]