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Zipcar now offers one-way car-sharing service in Seattle

Now you can drive from Seattle to SeaTac and vice vera

Normally if you want to use car-sharing service Zipcar, you go to the spot where the car is parked to pick it up and when you’re done you have to bring it back to that same location. Not anymore now that they’ve introduced a one-way trip option, giving drivers the ability to rent a vehicle in one spot and drop it off in another.

Starting today (Wednesday), users can drop off the Zipcar they’re using at any of the 200 designated locations across the area as well as change your destination mid-trip or extend your reservation indefinitely.

In order to do this, Zipcar is adding 100 new cars to the Seattle-area. All of the vehicles will be made by Honda and include the Honda Fit and Honda Civic.

One specific bonus of the new feature is the ability to drop off and pick up vehicles at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. It’s one more option for commuters looking for easier ways to get to and from the airport.

Per GeekWire, BMW’s ReachNow also plans to launch “free-floating” car-sharing service soon.