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This brown log cabin is Built Green with pink neon lights

Built Green? Well, at one time this house was a bunch of trees; but the label probably has more to do with things like the solar water heater.

Built Green is a mark of environmental awareness that ironically is frequently expressed as ultra-modern skinny houses with lots smaller than the square footage of the house (thanks to several story buildings.) Seeing a Built Green log house on a big lot may make more sense, and this cabin accomplished that; but first, it was included in a book about log cabins.

At least according to the listing photos, a 2009 remodel provided the Built Green Label. Ask for details about that. Back in 2000, however, it was included in Hands-on Log Homes. The original build was 1983, so for about thirty years this house has been catching people's attention; and for a variety of reasons. Now, it is on the market at under a million dollars, $950,000.

The Pacific Northwest is a natural place for log cabins. We do have a lot of trees around here, even though the old growth is mostly gone. Stacking them up to make a house is certainly one way to use a renewable resource. They stacked these ones to create a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,900 square foot house that has classic features inside and out: log walls, a river rock backdrop to the wood stove, and both a metal and a shingled roof. A mix of windows, including some triangular ones, is a bit uncommon. The staircase that spirals around a tree trunk is decorated with the carving of a bear, with a carving of a owl to watch over it. Check to see if the other carvings stay with the house. Totems tell stories, and it can be good know what they have to say.

At least one modern bit of design found a home. Beside the wood stove and the country kitchen is a curved sheet rock wall striped with pink neon. Maybe the design choice was made to provide contrast.

Outside are more of those trees on the 5.62 acre lot (or 5.4 depending on the listing.) The land has been partially cleared to make room for some lawn and a playset. Plenty of room for playing, growing firewood, or giving some of the forest a chance at getting to be old growth.

Somewhere on the property or the house is a solar system for heating the water. Maybe that and simple design were all that was needed to get the Built Green badge.

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· 12717 322nd Ave NE, Duvall [Zillow]