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$4.4M Bachman Manor is takin' care of business out in Lynden

This place was built in 1975 by Randy Bachman of the band Bachman-Turner Overdrive as a weekend retreat

We suppose one could say that when they were building Bachman Manor in Lynden, Washington, the construction crew was takin' care of business every day. You might even say that they were takin' care of business every way. That the person who owned the house could say "it's all mine." And that everyone involved was takin' care of business and workin' overtime.

You could say all of this because the 8-BR, 14,796 sqaure-foot Tudor was built in 1975 by Randy Bachman of the band Bachman-Turner Overdrive. You know...

Bachman initially paid $3 million for the place as a weekend retreat but by it eventually became the family's primary home. Since there's a recording studio included on the property it became a popular place for Randy to record music and invite guests over to do the same. It's said that Frank Sinatra, the Beach Boys, members of the Beatles, and Sammy Hagar have all stayed here.

The home was built to fulfill the needs of Bachman's large family, so there's a focus on large spaces and feeding large groups of people. The home itself is much more austere that you might have been expecting. Beautiful wood panel ceilings, stone fireplaces, and a modern farm kitchen are just some of the standout features. As the story goes, the massive rocks used for the wall-sized fireplace where carried one-by-one from a local river.

Located on a 30 acre lot, the gated property also includes an 8-car garage, bowling alley & full basketball court, and a small lake. No wonder they're asking $4.375M. We just hope Sammy Hagar took his flip-flops off before coming inside.

· 776 H St, Lynden [Estately]
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