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$7.2 million Eastside megamansion is $553K per bedroom

That's right, folks; you too can own a house with over a third of an acre indoors for $7.2M

Cougar Mountain sits south of Bellevue, east of Newport Hills, and west of Issaquah. It's called Cougar Mountain because that's where cougar live, present tense. It's also where a 15,360 square foot mansion sits on a sloping (it is a mountain) 1.89 acres for $7,200,000.

That's right, folks; you too can own a house with over a third of an acre indoors. How would you fill that much space?

Let's start with the basics. They included 13 bedrooms and 9.25 baths. It's actually more than that because there are 8 full baths, 1 three-quarter baths, and 1 half bath. Still, that breaks recent conventions that make sure each bedroom has a separate bath. Evidently, sharing hasn't gone out of style. That could sound like a house for lots of kids, and maybe so. The garage holds eight cars, so the parents and at least six of the kids can each have their own.

A big family could also explain the media room, an indoor sports court with the basketball hoop already installed, and a gym. The grownups get to enjoy the formal spaces with shining marble floors, Old World opulence, Venetian plaster, and a grand dual sweeping staircase. It is easy to imagine kids doing laps up one and down the other stairs. Good exercise, and no need to buy a stairmaster.

The outdoor acreage is defined by the view available from the decks, the patio, and the yard. A grand view across the neighborhood out and across Lake Sammamish with far views to the mountains.

Few places place old world style beside the borders to wild lands. With that much space you could keep the kids and pets indoors; and enjoy the view from inside.

· 17316 SE 60th St, Bellevue [Redfin]