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Seattle drivers got slightly better at avoiding accidents this year

We’re No. 183!

Last year, Seattle was ranked 184th out of 200 U.S. cities in terms of how often drivers get into accidents. This year, we 183rd.

Allstate Insurance released its 2016 “America’s Best Drivers Report” on Tuesday and Seattle remains one of the worst major cities when it comes to frequency of collisions.

Per their data, Seattle’s average driver gets into an auto collision once every 7.1 years (an improvement from 6.9 years last time around). Even though we’re trending in the right direction, that still makes our car accidents 40.4 percent more frequent than the national average.

Maybe you think the solution is to move over to Bellevue but the report says Bellevue is ranked 175th, only slightly better than it’s Puget Sound neighbor. They go 7.4 years between collisions.

If you want to find the listed Western Washington city with the “best” ranking, you’ll have to head to Tacoma where a 7.8 year stretch between accidents ranks 159th nationally.

Seattle topped out at 128th nationally in 2010 and had been on a downward trend ever since until this year. Congrats?