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Don't Be Sad, Keanu, Beacon Hill's Leaf Apartments Should Be Approved Soon

A celebrity shows up in the new renderings for this new Beacon Hill mixed-user

Pacific Housing NW and James Davidson Architects return to meet with the design review board on Monday to discuss revised plans for their Leaf Apartments project in Beacon Hill.

Their previous design recommendation meeting was held in March but they're back with what they hope are some board-approved updates to the green-colored mixed-user. The four-story proposal still includes 18 one-bedroom apartments, 1,200 square-feet of ground-floor retail space, a central courtyard and parking spaces

Some of the changes requested by the board included the need to add additional texture and articulation to the upper levels of the frontage, adding articulation to the facade, and a request to further develop the upper levels of the new structure using materials derived from surrounding structures.

They've also improved a private entry staircase to the second floor by adding a street-level bench to engage pedestrian traffic. And correct us if we're wrong, but isn't that Sad Keanu currently sitting on the bench???

Cheer up, Keanu. They're almost approved now.
· 3309 Beacon Ave S [DPD]
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