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San Fransisco-inspired Victorian development planned in Delridge

The deisgn is similar to a historic photo from 1906 that the owner has long admired

They say that people are flocking from San Francisco to Seattle. Seems that the architecture is coming with them.

Eric Christianson and McNelis Architects will present plans to the design review board on Friday for a two-structure property at 5414 Delridge Way SW. In front, a three-story “San Fransisco inspired Victorian” building containing two commercial spaces. Behind that, a three-story building with four residential units. Four parking spaces will also be included in the alleyway.

The main tenant of the commercial space will be the owner's business, Community Care, which provides services for children with behavioral challenges.

So where does the inspiration for the building come from? According to a report submitted, the deisgn is “similar to a historic photo from 1906 that [Christianson] has long admired.

McNelis included a statement in the packet that underscores why they think the architecture makes a valid addition to the neighborhood:

As Architects we are more likely to be challenged with the prospect of fitting a contemporary building into a neighborhood context of more traditional buildings. In fact, this is often a contentious endeavor and the contemporary building is perceived as too stark, too angular, too harsh, etc. In this case, we are proposing a building of traditional design to fit into a context where no building is from the era from which this building takes its cues...The style of the building is personal. The owner is taken with San Fransisco Victorian three story structures, feels that this style is enduring, and is commited to building a 21st century Seattle version. We think that any style of building can be successful if it addresses the issues of its site and situation well....On this block, the Christianson Development has built three brick facade buildings that house their service facility and its offices. This new building is intended to play off and improve on those facades and to provide a bit of exclamation point with a more developed and extensive facade treatment. We feel that after a few years go by, it will feel like this building is part of an evolving and interesting history.