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1928 Bitter Lake Tiny House Charms for $345K

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White picket fences look best around tiny, tidy, tight little houses, unpretentious yet ornamental

White picket fences look best around tiny, tidy, tight little houses, unpretentious yet ornamental. At this 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 680 square foot house in Bitter Lake, the white slats match the 1924 design of simply decorated pragmatism.

They're asking $345,000 for the house and the 5,401 square foot lot that is a proven classic combination because it has been in that spot for over ninety years.

Inside, one of more familiar period touches is the use of arches between the rooms. That's a design detail that costs extra now, but seems to have been standard at the time. They carried that theme into the kitchen with another arch over the range. Check to see if those closet doors can open all the way. You might also want to check on the space for a replacement refrigerator. Eventually it will have to be replaced, but this kitchen seems to use a built-in cubby. Will a modern fridge fit?

Outside, the house doesn't try to hide its age or size. The front porch is covered, and is big enough for you to put down the groceries while you search for your key. Don't expect to put more than one rocking chair out there though. At least your friends have a tiny refuge while they wait for you to answer the door in the short walk from one side of the house to the other.

The house and the driveway take up a bit of space, but there's enough left for a patch of lawn, some garden beds, and a few trees for shade. Left as is, the yard could be low maintenance, but there's still time to plant a garden, or put some lawn chairs under the trees or out in the sunshine (depending on personal preference.)

At the least, appreciate the longevity of a house that doesn't make grand claims, doesn't excel in size or price, but that has survived decades of Seattle's growth and weather, and probably will do so for years or decades.

· 10533 Phinney Ave N [Zillow]