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The Five Cheapest Homes For Sale in Ravenna Right Now

The five of the cheapest homes in Ravenna almost accounts for all the homes for sale in Ravenna, which means some aren't exactly cheap

We browsed the listings for the five most affordable homes in Ravenna and barely had enough to fill the list.

Okay, so let's start with a bit of respect here. This 1942 Cape Cod is being sold as-is as part of an estate sale. It is time for a new era. The house is a 1,240 square foot, 2 bedroom, 1 bath that looks neat and clean with a brick fireplace, a honeycomb tile kitchen counter, and a walk-in shower that is brightened by a large window of glass blocks. With over seventy years to grow, the landscaping on the 8,712 square foot property is mature, so you'll know what will grow there. The price, barely squeaking in under a half million at $499,950.

Staircase driveways are a fine way to combine two functions into one space, and make it look like getting to the garage requires ratchets and cogs. Why don't we see more of them? The more important story is, of course, the house; a 1925 Craftsman with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2,120 square feet, and original features like the fireplace tiles. Is the driveway original, too? For $648,000 you get a classic that has retained its character. The dormers hold some of the living space, and the basement is available in case you need more. Outside, the back yard of the 4,356 square foot property is fenced for privacy, or at least for keeping the kids close.

In this market, $750,000 makes the list of affordable homes. Everything is relative. Of course, to the right people this house is worth that much. It is a 1941 2 bedroom, 2 bath, with 2,240 square feet in the main; and comes with a 2 car garage that also houses an extra upstairs office or guest room. All of that and the fenced back yard fit on the 5,632 square foot lot. Check out the listing for photos of an uncommon and innovative kitchen cabinet design that could be woven wicker or bamboo.
There's something appropriate about the combination of French doors and a 1941 Colonial, even though France didn't colonize a Seattle neighborhood. The doors and the style are only an introduction to a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2,450 square foot house that has seen many decades and many upgrades. As a set, the extra touches are probably one reason for the $850,000 list price that includes a 5,227 square foot lot. The extra work makes the house look much more modern.
Tired of being a renter and ready to be a landlady or landlord instead? For $925,000 you can buy a 1921 duplex that has a "non-conforming 3rd unit". Check on that non-conformance. As a package that includes 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, the 3,090 square foot house and the 5,118 square foot lot, you can have the opportunity to collect rent while paying your mortgage. It even has the very practical but not very visually appealing, coin-op laundry. With a mortgage on a nearly one million dollar house, that laundry money may be put to good use.

· 2305 NE 81st Pl [Zillow]

· 6532 30th Ave NE [Zillow]

· 6827 34th Ave NE [Zillow]

· 7346 19th Ave NE [Zillow]

· 7017 21st Ave NE [Zillow]