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Buying This Vashon Estate Could Be Your Come To JesusBarn Moment

Jesus Christ once visited this barn and that's a true story

Over the weekend a listing went up for a 19-acre Vashon estate that included a barn with the words "JesusBarn Farm" emblazoned across the front. Naturally, we were curious to find out the story. And man, what a story.

During the 1960s, the farm became a commune, typifying the peaceful agrarian lifestyle prevalent in those days – and this is where the story really begins. According to local lore, during a hallucinogen-fueled night, the commune’s leader was visited upon by Jesus Christ with the request that all further revelry be dedicated to thy lord and savior. Heavy stuff, right? That night, in 6-foot bright white letters, the word "JESUS" was emblazoned onto the barn’s timbers. Thus the Jesus Barn was born.

We've all been through it...

So what exactly are you getting here, beside from a barn that claims "Jesus Was Here?" Well the 1904 Victorian farmhouse that you'd live in somehow finds a way to stand out nearby. The modernized-rustic home splits formality with comforts. The formal dining area and library on one end of the spectrum, the eat-in country kitchen and covered porch on the other.

The grounds have been hosting weddings and special events for some time. But there's also five acres of meadowland as well as a freshwater pond and creek on the grounds. According to the listing, there's potential for a vineyard or working farm. The sky's the limit here.

Just make sure you do a good job. You never know when Jesus might pop back to check it out.
· 10926 SW 204th St, Vashon [Estately]
· JesusBarn Farm [JBF]